Something about me and my Teddy bears

Hello, my name is Simona. I am little bit shy :) and it’s always been so hard to speak about myself, but I will try to introduce myself. I am a two beautiful girls mother, housewife, photographer and for sure Teddy bears artist. I can not imagine my world without all these things :) I am not sure how I find time for everything during 24 hours a day, but I am blessed that in this life I can do what I am passionate about. Sometimes I just think that it is the most wonderful thing for people to find their true passion.

Just like everyone’s childhood, mine was surrounded by soft toys and bears. I think every child have one of the most lovable bear. So I had too. But then I grew up and forgot about it :( During maternity leave with my second daughter I accidentally found artist teddy bear blogs. And I was just charmed with their beauty, exclusivity and cuteness. So I started being interested in the making process and I made one for myself. So this was the first step in my Teddy bears fairy tale. Now it is the third year I am making my Teddy creatures.

Inspiration is everywhere. Books, pictures, photography, fairy tales, my kids and family and all the small wonders around the world, which sometimes are not noticed. And for sure my big inspirations are my clients and their happiness when they get my Teddies.

I can share my biggest achievements in the Teddies Worldwide World :). Last year I entered some contest and in my big surprise my bears took a lot of awards :) It was so good to know that people love them as I do :) This Yer we entered new contests and still waiting for results...

And I would like to introduce my lowing bear Romeo. One of the biggest bears I have ever made.

Romeo is OAAK 35cm tall. He is hand made from copper mohair fur, have 5 cotter pin joints, black glass eyes, needle felted muzzle and polymer clay nose. Bear is carefully stuffed with fiberfill and 0.5 kg steel pellets... Romeo is shaded with oil paint. Decorated with hand dyed silk ribbon and jingle bells.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Simona! Your creations have beautiful faces. Always looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Simona says:

    Thank you dear Paeonia :) It's nice to know we have new followers ;)

  3. I actually started following you on Etsy a few years before I found your blog. Your blog and photos are just stunning!

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