Artist teddy bear Daisy with some long story above ♥♥♥

This bear born with a very touching story.
Before two years I have shipped one bear to new home but lost the contact with my customer and never new if the bear arrived safe. And only this summer the customer wrote me, that the bear never reached his home and was destroyed in the hurricane Sandy. It was really sad to hear that. But such things happen sometimes.
So we with my client decided to create some similar bear and name her Daisy. This time bear reached the destination safe :)
Daisy is OAAK 16cm tall little artist teddy bear. She is made from German mohair fur, have 5 cotter pin joints (head swings), glass eyes,needle felted muzzle and polymer clay nose, stuffed with fiber fill and steel pellets... Daisy is shaded with oil paint...

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